Give Your Wood Surfaces a Gleaming Look

Put the final wood finishes on your project in Missoula, MT

Whether you're putting in new cabinets, building your own chair or replacing your deck in the Missoula, MT area, your project isn't complete without a wood finish. At Montana Tool Co., we carry a huge selection of finishes, including a variety of General Finishes products.

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paint brush with other finishing tools on top of several pieces of lumber Missoula MT

Improve the appearance and safety of your project

Untreated wood can become rough and splinter. That's why it's important to treat your wood deck, cabinets or hand-crafted furniture pieces with the right finish. Our products are designed to:

  • Give wood surfaces a sleek new appearance
  • Seal out moisture to protect wood from mold
  • Fill in gaps, cracks and flaws in the wood
  • Minimize fall risks by creating non-slip surfaces
  • Make wood surfaces durable and easy to clean

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