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Choose the right wood glues for your project in Missoula, MT

As one of Missoula, MT's premier woodworking supply stores, Montana Tool Co. is naturally known for our superior supply of wood glues. We carry a wide range of American-made adhesives to suit any size project.

Explore our selection of glues today to find the right one for you. We've been serving the community proudly for more than 40 years.

Carpenters glue being spread on a piece of Wood Missoula MT

Why are so many craftsmen stuck on wood glue?

There are a ton of adhesives out there, so why should you bother keeping wood glue in your workshop? Wood glue is an incredibly strong adhesive that is also designed to:

  • Set slowly or quickly, depending on which glue you choose
  • Set thinly to prevent gaps from forming between wooden parts
  • Work for interior or exterior projects with water-resistant varieties
Discover how easy your woodworking project could be with the right wood glue. Contact us now to see which glues we have in stock at our shop in Missoula, MT.